AirPods with Android?

Many people have asked whether or not AirPods work with Android. Since they are made by Apple, many people speculated when they first released that they wouldn’t work with Android. After testing on multiple devices they found out that they did work on Android. This would make sense as Apple wants to sell as many of their products as possible, even if you aren’t in their ecosystem. The only “downfall,” if you can even call it that, is that it doesn’t have the animations for connecting AirPods to an Android as they do for their iPhones. To connect AirPods to an Android device all you have to do is go into your Bluetooth menu, open up the AirPods case and put them in your ears, then search for the AirPods in your Bluetooth menu. Pair them to your phone and you are ready to go! They have the same audio quality whether they are connected to Android or an iPhone. The only difference will be the Bluetooth range, that will be dependent on what kind of Android phone you have and what Bluetooth chip is inside. Apple has standardized its Bluetooth chips to work nearly identical to one another and has optimized older Bluetooth chips through software updates to have a more fluid experience between devices. Other than that you should be good to go and start listening to your favorite music!

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