How to prolong battery life

There are many earbuds out there and they all have different battery capacities. With the number of technology manufacturers we have now, there are an insane amount of batteries and capacities in different earbuds to choose from. The key to all of them is making sure you get the longest life out of your battery that you can. One big way to prolong your battery life seems like a simple one and it is. Make sure when not in use, that your earbuds are off and in their charging case. It seems like common sense but a lot of people leave the earbuds connected to their phone when they take them out and don’t put them back in the case. Another way of increasing battery life for your earbuds is to make sure the case is fully charged for the day. This makes sure you have the necessary charge to last a full day as some charging cases offer up to 24 hours of extra charge for their earbuds. Apple AirPods case offers 20 full hours of extra charge on top of the 6 hours of battery life in the earbuds themselves. The last big way to prolong battery life is to turn off all features but Bluetooth when using them, this makes sure nothing but the music coming through is being used and can help the earbuds last longer.

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