Wireless charging or Traditional?

One new technology that is becoming more mainstream with smartphones, as well as Bluetooth headphones, is the ability to charge wirelessly. There are devices out now that are a pad you can set your device down on. When you do the device starts charging with the help of two conductive coils, one on the pad and one inside the phone. This is how electricity is transferred to your phone. The problem with wireless chargers in the past was the slowness of the charge. It would take hours to charge a phone to full battery capacity. With recent advances in technology, wireless charging is nearly as fast as wired charging, and depending on the age of the wired charger in question, could sometimes be even faster than its wired counterpart. There have been many advances that even allow multiple devices to charge at once on the same pad. With all of these advances in technology, wireless charging is becoming a very real and very big market. The ease of charging is what draws a lot of consumers. To be able to set your phone down on your bedside table and have it charge without having to fumble around for the charging cord is a great feeling and it seems to be only getting better.

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