Wireless or Wired?

There are many reasons people get wireless earbuds over their wired counterparts. The main reason I have heard for people buying wireless earbuds is for when they are running, they don’t want a cord slapping their side/back. It makes it easier to run without having to worry about a cord getting tangled on clothing, trees, or any other obstacle you have on your daily/weekly run. Another reason is for the newness factor. Bluetooth is not a new technology, but since the release of the iPhone without the headphone jack, wireless has become a sort of standard for headphones and earbuds. One downfall to wireless earbuds is that they can run out of battery, but with the advances in battery capacity as well as the general inclusion of a battery case for the earbuds, this isn’t really a big deal unless you don’t like charging another device. Overall wireless earbuds are easier to manage and don’t have cables that can get tangled or hung up on anything. I love my wireless earbuds and they work great!

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